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ALCAS Aluminium Profile Systems is the patented trademark of Alcas Metal Sanayi A.Ş. and is being produced in the plant of having extrusion presses of 1.540 tons, 1.800 tons and 2.750 tons, established on a covered area of 31.000 m² of a land of 42.000 m² at Çorlu – Tekirdağ. The annual production capacity is 22.000 tons and there the production of all kinds of profiles as diagonal from 1 cm to 32 cm in width can be made. There is the possibility of thermal treatment till 13.60 cm as press profile and the possibility of delivering. Our anodic oxidation plant has got the capacity of making 11.000 tons of profile anodic oxidation annually. The length of our anodic oxidation baths is 8 meters and there the profiles till the length of 7.60 cm net can be made anodic oxidation. In our plant besides the standard 12 micron of coating, the anodic oxidation process from 5 micron to 30 micron depending on the request can be made peculiarly. It is possible to make polished luminous profiles, satin opaque profiles and silver, yellow, bronze, black colored anodic oxidations at the same time in our anodic oxidation plant having the latest technology of Turkey. Our electrostatic paint line has got an oven length of 36 meters and double paint cabins and the profiles until the length of 10 mt can be painted in our line in which 180 kinds of RAL colors of 7.000 tons of aluminum profiles can be painted. All the moulds of our aluminum profile systems are made with the developed CNC machine tools and equipments in our molding room present within the constitution of our factory and our annual capacity of mould production is 1.400 pieces. The molds of the systems which are developed in its own Research & Development department of our firm are produced with great precision and the profile production is started following various test stages. All kinds of profile processing works requested by our customers are made in our confection line having the developed machinery line where the processes such as cutting, boring, bending, burr removing, bar coding can be made and are packed in conformity with the demand. We can make water cooled production in various hardness in our production from 18 to 31 of the 6063, 6060, 6061, 6005, 6082 alloyed raw materials. All the products that we produce are in conformity with the norms of DIN 12020, 12021, 12022. 35% of the production in our plant of our firm that is experienced in the aluminum curtain wall, door, window sectors consist of the architectural products such as doors, windows, face wall profiles. Our technical team of 12 persons consisted of Architectures and Engineers produce new systems and change the currently existing systems. All of our systems are being passed through various experiments and tests and our Development & Search department which aims to reach the products without any problem to you, is ready to perform any kind of demand to be received from you rapidly. Our company which exports 40% of its production to 21 countries to the European countries at the first hand also has been giving service to vendors and corporate customers exceeding 300 inside the country. Our factory, which has got a lot of certificates of quality and standards like TSE, GOST, CE, CPTP, ISO, QUALONAT, QUALICOAT, IFT ROSENHEIM is ready to submit you the best profiles and profile systems along with its high capacity, its wide range at the profile series and the production experience.