42.000 m² Total Area

36.000 m² Closed Area

34.000 tones of Production Capacity

420 qualified personnel is working in the factory which is specially built and landed on a total area of 42.000 m2 and a closed area of 36.000 m2 in Corlu Tekirdag. We have 5 extrusion presses in the factory, 4.400 ust,2.750 UST 1800 UST 1.540 ust and 900 UST. The annual production capacity is 34.000 tons and all kind of profiles which have width of 5 mm to 410 mm can be produced. Max. Mill Finish surface aged to T6 profile length is 13.6 meters.

85% of our production is exported to USA and European countries and we are exporting profiles to 34 different countries.