At the time of its establishment, the aim of ALCAS Metal was not to harm the environment as its primary priority and its treatment plant was quickly established.

At all stages of our production and post-production, we are organized with an understanding that gives priority to the environment. By having obtained the ISO 45001 Environmental Management System Certificate, we have documented the application of these standards.

  • ALCAS Metal complies with laws , regulations and international standards relating to the protection of the environment.
  • ALCAS Metal has prepared the necessary infrastructure to ensure that its waste is classified, collected and disposed of on-site.
  • ALCAS Metal continuously improves in line with the reports of the environmental consultant.
  • ALCAS Metal carries out legal controls on waste water.
  • ALCAS Metal prefers the raw material, semi-finished or finished materials and equipment that meets the environmental criteria.
  • ALCAS Metal uses natural resources on an ideal level. It (ALCAS Aluminum) also trains its employees on this issue. ALCAS Aluminum keeps emissions from production and services to a minimum. ALCAS Aluminum is committed to developing and maintaining environmental awareness among all its employees.
ISO 45001