The issues mentioned in this document are entirely intended to outline the company’s ethical policies, operating principles and quality policies and to make the system work more effectively.

Social Responsibility

It is Alcas’ mission to make a positive contribution to our employees , customers , business partners and to the community in which we operate.

Corporate Social Responsibility is also an important part of the mission.

ALCAS intends to be seen as an organization which is responsible for making a significant, enduring and sustainable contribution to the community in which it works.

As ALCAS, sustainable development is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy and shapes our economic , environmental and social obligations.

Our efforts will continue to make a positive contribution to the community in which we operate and to the economy of the region.



Mission, Vision and Our Values


Our Mission
“Our mission is loud and clear – to be the best-performing ALUMINUM PROFILE MANUFACTURING Company!

We have 2 main strategies to achieve our mission;”

High Quality – Low Cost

We aim to be the lowest cost producer in our sector, so we want to increase our low cost production capacity and reflect the benefits to our operations.

Performance Focus

Continuous improvement in efficiency and cost reduction is one of ALCAS’ corporate disciplines. As a result , different business excellence programs are being implemented.

Our Vision

To be a leading company in the industry that adds value to our customers, employees and society at high moral standards. As one of the leading companies in the sector, we have undertaken the following commitments;

– To meet and exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of product and service quality.

– To provide a safe work environment that will inspire our employees to realize their individual goals and to develop themselves continuously.

– To be a responsible employer and citizen of the society in which it operates; to make careful, sensitive and informed use of natural resources.

– To create added value to our employees and society by achieving an excellent business/sustainable profitable growth model.

The baseline of our business strategy is sustainable growth with a high quality and low cost – performance focus as one of the leading suppliers in the sector.



Our Values

– We contribute to the success of our customers by providing solutions that create profitability through a win-win approach.

– We do not tolerate behavior that is contrary to safety at work.

– We are obliged to protect the environment.

– We respect and support the multicultural work environment.

– We aim to support each other and learn from each other.

– We encourage open minds and innovative ideas.

– We are committed to achieving our goals and are also responsible.

– We are focused on our work and solutions.

– We are cost conscious.

– We expect ethically flawless behavior and high productivity from each of our employees.



Company Policies



The basic ethical principles that the company and its employees are obliged to abide by during the execution of their work;


Compliance with Laws
The company is obliged to comply with the provisions of laws and regulations.


Honesty and Accuracy
The company acts in accordance with the standards of accuracy and integrity.
Human Rights
The company respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The company maintains the sustainability of its operations, the health and safety of its workers by protecting the facility and the environment.


Human Resources Policy
Our most valuable resource is our competent workforce, which shares the same values to give life to our mission. Our human resources strategy and policy support focus on achieving superior performance. Our aim is to create a positive company culture in which the best service is provided to our competent management team and staff and to encourage our employees to understand their roles.

ALCAS has a working environment in which talented employees can freely express themselves within the framework of ethical rules, irrespective of race, gender, religion or culture, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe we’re going to grow with skilled workers. We aim to “increase our competencies” in the business environment of ALCAS with appropriate training and self-development opportunities. We are balancing this goal with the recruitment of people who have gained experience in the sector who will add fresh approaches and new ideas to ALCAS.


– Selection and assignment of appropriate personnel.
– Ability to grow and develop according to the skills and needs of the employee.
– A work environment that suits the nature of the work.
– To evaluate the performance of the employee with effective methods and to determine wages with systematic methods.
– Career planning and backup in line with the employee’s ability and the needs of the organization.
– Continuity of the employee’s moral motivation (solicitation).


Respect for Diversity

At ALCAS, we do not tolerate discrimination of race, religion, language or gender between our employees. With our recruitment policy, we aim to respect international diversity in a way that reflects the diversity of our clients we serve.

We declare that there is no racial , religious, linguistic and gender discrimination between employees and in recruitment, that we take the basis of respect for human rights and that we take measures to protect employees against internal physical , mental and emotional problems.


Career Management and Planning

Career management and planning are vital if our achievements are to be carried into the future. We want to implement Career Management and Planning by enabling and encouraging our employees to participate in ALCAS programs.


ALCAS Leaders

ALCAS leaders are managers who share the same values as we do and who have the right skills to shape our future. We use the “ALCAS Leadership Criteria” for executive selection, which covers the criteria that will advance the ALCAS Group, our managers, colleagues and our organization.


Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Protecting the health and well-being of the environment, employees, customers, visitors and other people doing business on behalf of ALCAS is a key value for ALCAS.

ALCAS, which is committed to being a company with a high level of environmental, occupational health and safety awareness, believes that all accidents can be prevented and aims at “ZERO ACCIDENTS” by showing “ZERO TOLERANCE” to hazardous environments and behaviors.

In line with this understanding, ALCAS undertakes to act in accordance with the following principles:

– To comply with local and national laws, regulations and requirements relating to the environment, occupational health and safety;

– Develop and use methods that reduce the consumption of natural resources, increase reuse and recycling operations.

– To take measures to reduce and control the environmental effects of solid , liquid and gas waste produced during the activities at the source, to dispose of non-recyclable waste without harming or causing environmental damage.

– To take measures to minimize the environmental impact of the project and the hazards and risks to humans while developing projects for products, plants, machinery and processes.


Quality Policy

Our goal is to produce to meet the needs of our customers at a high level and in accordance with the laws and standards on a continuous basis.

Our quality policy has been transformed into application requirements with clear and accurate quality documents and has been understood at all levels. In addition, our quality policy has been designed to include our mission.

In order to ensure high level and continuous customer satisfaction, our main objective is to establish the necessary level of quality and to ensure continuity in all the products and services we have obtained during our efficient, planned and creative work.


Our Quality Policy Basics

– To be the leading organization in the sector with our evolving organizational structure, our dynamism that keeps pace with developments and changes in information and technology, and our ever-increasing quality level.

– To adopt the basic principles of discipline, honesty, diligence, quality and cleanliness.

– To ensure and continuously improve customer satisfaction beyond customer expectations.

– To instill respect for environmental awareness in production to all our employees.

– Ensuring that the requirements for the work we have done to our suppliers are continuously communicated clearly and clearly and placing the ALCAS QMS logic on all our suppliers by means of supervisions and inspections.

– Reduce costs, increase productivity and profitability in light of the mission of continuous improvement with the indicators of the set quality targets; ensure that they are adopted by all our employees.

– To enable all our employees to participate in quality improvement and continuous improvement activities with the understanding of “Quality is Everyone’s Business”.

– To ensure that the understanding of “The quality is not controlled, it is produced.” is accepted as a principle by all our employees.

– To create the concept of doing every action at the first time, continuously and correctly.



Certificates and Licenses

We guarantee the quality of products and services to our customers with TS EN – ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001: 2007, CE Integrated Quality Management System Certificates and Qualicoat, Qualanod, TS EN 755-9, TS ENXXX, YY. 12020-2, TS 4922.

We will continue our efforts in the coming days to increase our quality in order to satisfy our customers’ demands.

* ALCAS Business Ethics and Policies are accepted and enforced by all its suppliers.

ISO 45001