AKS 122
AKS 129


ALCAS has designed its AS Series Sliding Systems for the Turkey, Europe, Middle East and North Africa markets. Our company provides this sliding system in tow different forms – AS82 – AS55 with insulation and AS50 without insulation. Designed with 2 and 3 canals , the series can be opened as 2, 3 and 4 windows simultaneously. With elegant lines this series is useful in touristic and luxury hotels, villas, residences, luxury restaurants and cafes. Our sliding series use space more efficiently and present an appearance that adds value to the venue.

All the accessories used in the AS series are carefully crafted. The bearings and wheels are made of stainless steel that tests show will not be deformed by repeated opening and closing. The rail profiles are also made of rustproof sheet metal to enable the bearings to function more efficiently. The AS series has the most profile selections and accessories in its class in Turkey.


The ALCAS AKS series has been designed as AKS122 and AKS129 . These two of our sliding systems have been designed in line for luxury, quality home and hotel sector demands. It has an economic and aesthetic design that takes water, heat and sound insulation to the maximum level. In addition to the standard accessories the Lift-Slide accessories can also be applied easily. Our AKS Series eliminate the insulation problem that existing sliding systems usually have by designing special EPDM piping around the panel profiles to raise water, heat and sound insulation to the highest level.

Our AKS Series have kept economics in the forefront with accessories that can bear loads of 150 and 200 kg. Our systems are produced with 1.5 and 2 mm wall thickness. With high Jx and Jy values larges spaces can be covered without issue. This helps to create spacious areas and provide a comfortable living space.