Alcas Metal was founded in Güneşli /Bagcilar and started operating as a retail aluminum profile sales store.


In addition to a profile sale store a workshop was opened to produce curtain walls and aluminum joinery.


A 1500 square meter enclosed area was moved to a warehouse to sell profiles on a national scale and meet the rising demand


1997 When the curtain wall department grew a factory with 3500 square meters of closed area was purchased, modernized and moved into.


The design and R&D departments were established. The R&D was done on the curtain wall systems. The necessary tests and certifications were done and the product was presented to the market. In the same year the façade work on the Şanlıurfa Harran University campus building was obtained and this system was applied


For the first time the company ventured abroad and established a company in Kosovo to start curtain wall operations in this country.


Since there were problems with the products supplied from the market in the profile sales and curtain wall work it was decided that investments would be made in extrusion to produce a very high quality product. In 2005 construction was started on an aluminum facility with an enclosed area of 5,000 m2. 1 press line was established in the same year and commissioned.


With success achieved in the extrusion field investments were started to integrate the facility. First the electrostatic paint line, then the mold production line was commissioned


In addition to the factory building an another 5,000 m2 building was built and a very modern eloxal facility was established here. Integration with this line was completed. In the same year Export to Europe was started.


A company was established in Romania to produce curtain walls


When some projects were achieved in Iraq, a company was established in Iraq / Erbil to become a local company there.


When the curtain wall work increased a facility with 9,000 square meters enclosed area was purchased in Büyükçekmece Tepecik and the wall and joinery lines were moved here from Güneşli.


An additional 6000 square meter factory building was constructed for the aluminum production facility in Çorlu to meet increasing demand. The 8-inch aluminum extrusion line was commissioned.


The precast (GRC) sector was entered. Frequency outer façade elements started to be produced at the Büyükçekmece factory in the 500 square meter facility


A chemical brightening line was established at the Çorlu facility.


Our line, which gives aluminum profiles a wood effect, was commissioned.


Our 3rd press line was commissioned to meet increasing demand. A property of 20,000 square meters was purchased to meet our logistics demands and expand the line that does our mechanical work and a 18,000 square meter closed area was built


With the commissioning of our logistics building, we established a wood production line to produce the chests and pallets needed for exports to Europe and the U.S. Our talking mechanical department was expanded from the cutting and drilling lines and exporting was started in a 6000 square meter area and processed profile exports were started to many countries including Europe and the U.S.


Received its first order to the United States. The first export to the USA was made with the first aluminium profile order of 22 containers.


The Alu Garden company was established for gardens and terraces. The goal to sell high quality systems in the American and European markets was established.


Alcas Yapı was established in the group structure to do construction work. The company plans to develop collective housing, office, farm and factory projects.


Alcas launched its new painting line, equipped with the latest technology, in line with its modernization plans. With this investment, Alcas has reached the opportunity to paint the 13.4 m long profiles, the first and only in its sector. With this investment, the annual production capacity has increased from 5,000 tons to 14,000 tons.