Anodizing up to 7.6 m.

Anodizing thickness up to 20 µm

6 Different Colors

Anodizing line annual capacity is 11.000 tons. Anodizing bath length is 8 meters and max. anodized profile length is 7.6 meters. Our standard anodizing thickness is 12 microns however, from 5 microns up to 20 microns can be anodized due to the customer demand.

Polished bright colors, brushed mat colors, silver, gold, bronze and black colors can be anodized in our anodizing line which is a highest technology anodizing system in Turkey.


Electro-chemical Brightened Anodizing

Anodizing up to 4.5 m.

High Glass

Applied to any Type of Profile.

We can produce mirror-like surface quality and perfect anodized profiles thanks to our new Electro-Chemical Brightening Line which is integrated in our anodizing line. We mostly produce electro-brightened profiles for shower cabins, automotive industry, furniture and window&door systems in our Electro-Chemical Brightening Line which is the longest line in the sector with 5 meters.

The Electro-Brightening process provides much more brightness on the profile surface than the mechanical polishing; also the intended parts of the profiles which cannot be polished by mechanical polishing can be easily brightened by Electro-Brightening process.