Anodizing up to 7.6 m.

Anodizing Thickness up to 20 µm

6 Different Colors

Our anodizing facility has an annual capacity of 11,000 tons for anodizing profiles.

The length of our anodizing baths is 8 meters, allowing anodizing treatment for profiles up to a clear length of 7.6 meters.

In addition to the standard 12-micron coating, optional custom anodizing processes ranging from 5 to 20 microns can be applied.

Our facility is equipped with advanced technology capable of producing polished shiny profiles, satin matte profiles, and anodizing profiles in silver, gold, bronze, and black colors.


Electro-chemical Brightened Anodizing

Anodized up to 4.5m

600-1000 Gloss

Applied to Any Type of Profile

The electro-chemical polishing line operates in conjunction with our anodizing line and produces flawless quality with mirror-like brightness.

Profiles up to a maximum length of 4.5 meters can be anodized with high brightness in our facility.

To achieve high brightness, the anodizing thickness is maintained at 3-5 microns, and coating thicknesses of up to 20 microns can be applied according to customer requirements.

The electro-chemical polishing process offers the possibility of achieving a much brighter profile surface compared to mechanical polishing. Additionally, it provides brightness in recessed areas that cannot be polished mechanically.