ALCAS extrusion facility, built on a land of 42.000 m² with a closed area of 36.000 m², specially established for aluminum profile production, where 420 qualified personnel are employed in Ergene town of Tekirdag city. We have 5 extrusion presses in our factory with 4.400 UST, 2.750 UST, 1800 UST , 1540 UST and 880 UST pressing capacity. The annual production capacity is 34.000 tons and all kind of profiles which have width of 5 mm to 410 mm can be produced. Max. Mill Finish surface aged to T6 profile length is 13.6 meters.

Annual capacity of our anodizing plant is 11.000 tons. Max. anodizing length is 7,60 meters and max. anodizing layer thickness is 20 microns. It is possible to make natural, polished bright, brushed matt and electrochemical bright dip anodizing in silver, yellow, bronze and black colors in our high-tech anodizing plant.

Annual capacity of our powder coating line is 18.000 tons. The profiles in a max. length of 13,4 meters can be powder coated with epoxy, polyester, epoxy-polyester and metallic powders in 180 different RAL colors and special colors for solid and textured surfaces.

Annual capacity of our extrusion die shop is 2400 dies. The extrusion dies of all profiles that we produce are made by our extrusion die shop by high-tech CNC Machines inhouse.

Machining processes like cutting, punching, drilling, bending, deburring, CNC machining and barcoding can be made by our advanced Machining Department. We machine and package the products due to the custom drawings and demands.

We can extrude EN AW-6063, 6060, 6061, 6005, 6005A, 6463, 6082, 1050A and 1070A series alloys. We can also produce high strengthened profiles with hard alloys like EN AW 6082-T6 (F31) thanks to the pressured air and water quenching units installed on our extrusion presses. All the extruded products, that we produce, conform with EN 755-1 standard. Precision profiles that conform with EN 12020-1 can also be produced due to customer demand.

Our technical team, who are specialist in aluminum curtain wall and window&door production, work to improve our existing systems and produce new systems. All our systems are being tested, our R&D department works to provide our customers the perfect systems and meets customers’ requests regarding our systems urgently.

We export 85% of our products to 34 countries, to mainly USA and European countries. We provide fast, local, and reliable service to our customers thanks to our connections and offices located in many countries.

ALCAS has ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 System Certificates and licences and quality certificates like EN 15088:2005 (CE), QUALANOD, QUALICOAT, TSE, GOST, GOST-R, CPTP, and IFT ROSENHEIM. Our company is ready to offer you the best profile systems and after-sales service with our high-capacity production facility, wide range of profile series and production experience.